Paioli ALU M03 / MBK

Paioli Alum M03 93 własne Own collection
Paioli M03 The amazing collection of Gore4673
1993_Pmt_08 Catalog Paramount 1993
piaoli alu M03 1993 Moutain Biker 1993
Paioli Forks aus Bike 1993 Mountain BIke 1-2/93
piaoli alu M03 carbon 1993 Magazin Mountain bike action 1993 (picture Paioli Carbon)
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Paioli MBK 1993 VTT Magazine 1993

Forks category: Paioli

Year of production: 1993

Travel: 38mm

Upper shins diameter: 28mm


Suppression: Elastomer

Damping: Lack